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Chalcedony is a nurturing stone that promotes brotherhood and goodwill. Here are some of its metaphysical properties:


  • Alignment and Harmony: Chalcedony brings the mind, body, and spirit into alignment1. It is a very nurturing stone that promotes and enhances goodwill and stability within groups of people.
  • Absorbs Negative Energy: It is a protective stone that absorbs negative vibrations and energy, allowing it to dissipate to prevent onward transmission.
  • Promotes Empathy and Understanding: It encourages empathy and understanding and brings calming vibrations to potential areas of conflict between individuals.
  • Transforms Melancholy into Joy: Chalcedony instills feelings of benevolence and generosity, removes hostility, and transforms melancholy into joy.
  • Encourages Inward Reflection: It is a reflective stone that encourages inward reflection. It supports us in this process by focusing on constructive thoughts and feelings and facilitating forgiveness of the self.
  • Healing Properties: Chalcedony has been prized for its healing properties for many thousands of years. It was believed in ancient times that a chalice made from silver and lined with Chalcedony would prevent poisoning.
  • Improves Mineral Absorption: It is said to improve mineral absorption in the bloodstream, foster maternal instincts, and stimulate lactation in new mothers.
  • Associated with Upper Chakras: Chalcedony is primarily associated with the body’s upper chakras and our ability to think, speak, and communicate with others and the Higher Realms.
  • Brings Clarity of Mind: Chalcedony allows you to feel in control of your emotions and safe in expressing your thoughts and opinions. It also brings clarity of mind when you feel overwhelmed by information or pressured by others to act in a certain way.


Chalcedony occurs in different colors, including white, pink, gray-blue, and red. The most popular form of Chalcedony is Blue Chalcedony, which has a beautiful, almost dreamy quality to its vibration. However, all forms of Chalcedony are nurturing and stabilizing.


Remember, while many people find these properties to be accurate, the impact can vary from person to person. Always trust your intuition when working with crystals.

Chalcedony Tumbled