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Cinnabar - Small/Medium




Powerful stone that is used for personal and spiritual transformation and is well known for its own capacity to attract wealth. This stone also signifies alchemy, the exhibition of healing, wealth, and desires


Cinnabar stone is a highly beneficial stone that you can use in removing any negative energies from all over you, as well as replacing them with light and positive ones. If you’re someone who’s greatly distressed in life, possessing this stone may help you in having the confidence you need. It can  provides a very lengthy life to those who are keeping or wearing it. If you’re suffering from issues in your self-acceptance and self-esteem, use this stone to become more self-assured and confident.


You may also be able to get rid of your deepest resentment and fears with regular use of this stone. This may also assist you in moving freely in life. Likewise, it’s a powerful stone in releasing the feelings of anger so that may provide you inner peace, as well as make you a more sympathetic person.


If you’re sensitive and take things easily to heart, possessing this stone may help you. This also has a deep effect on the mind since it may enhance mental agility and aid in coming up with some analytical, quick, and creative ideas. By improving creativity, the cinnabar stone may be so advantageous for those whose work needs them to use some new inspirations and amazing ideas. 


Cinnabar also has the capacity to awaken the kundalini energy that is the main key in enhancing the lovemaking ability, as well as make you even more confident in bed. When you are experiencing jealousy regularly, the power of this stone may provide you peace to the heart, by eliminating any envious thoughts.