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Colombian Lemurian Quartz - Imported from Colombia.

Weighs 260g or 9.2oz.

Approximately 4.5 inches long.


**This is the actual item you will receive**




Lemurian Quartz is similar to normal Quartz except that it contains much more historic energy. Embedded in them are usually horizontal lines of fragments which are commonly referred to as memories or knowledge lines. The information within each of these points contain powerful energies.


This energy is capable of producing a much-needed soulful mission. It is believed that these crystals were left here for the purpose of reigniting or reminding us about humanity's connection with the universe. It helps remind us that we are our own gods and can produce whatever it is we set our mind, heart, and soul to. Much of what we are seeking is already within us.


The Lemurians were well aware that the only way forward in life is through the individual growth of one's spirit. These beings became very spiritual, and were more in touch with their higher selves. This connection led to their race being very intelligent, excelling in technology, ideology, and emotions. It is theorized that they were wiped out by a great flood that occurred around 12,000 years ago. 

Colombian Lemurian Quartz