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Lee Bursten wrote the companion guidebooks for Tarot of Dreams, Universal Tarot of Marseille, Marchetti Tarot, Tarot Decoratif, and Mystic Palette Tarot. He created the Zodiac Tarot and the Gay Tarot and wrote their Little White Booklets. He contributed text and articles for Gilded Tarot Royale, Gilded Reverie Lenormand: Expanded Edition, and Llewellyn's Tarot Readers, and was technical editor of Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Tarot. He served for several years as a forum moderator for the now-inactive Aeclectic Tarot Forum. He was a professional tarot reader for, and wrote many deck reviews for Tarot Passages.


Lee has spent decades learning about and experimenting with tarot and other divination systems. He believes that a card reader does not need to rely on a belief in the supernatural, and that a reading can be a cathartic, insightful, and creative experience. His approach is flexible, playful, and non-dogmatic.


Ciro Marchetti reimagines tarot by presenting vivid dream images that map out a fascinating journey of self-discovery. Tarot of Dreams explores the profound web of visual and emotional associations that occur at the intersection of divination and dreams. Tarot of Dreams offers readers a powerful tool for personal insight and divination. The 78 traditional cards are supplemented with a special Tree of Life card plus four Palace cards that give further context to the Court cards.Lee Bursten's insightful guidebook seamlessly weaves together psychological, astrological, and kabbalistic elements into the story of the Fool's Journey.Lee Bursten is the author of numerous tarot decks and books.

Tarot Of Dreams