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Each box contains:

1 Rough Rose Quartz

1 Tumbled Clear Quartz

1 Tumbled Garnet

1 Rough Green Aventurine

1 Tumbled Blue Kyanite

1 Rough Carnelian


Every stone is unique and ranges from 1.2" - 2.5" in size 


Selected Astrological Gifts: Each zodiac has its own gemstones which are said to bring great energy and help eliminate negativity, increase positive emotions & good vibes. Based on the traits of each horoscope these hand-selected quality crystals stones are waiting to assist you.


Specially Selected Natural Stones For Taurus Include: Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, Garnet, Green Aventurine, Blue Kyanite and Carnelian. These companion stones bring pleasure, wealth, great energy and resonance to Taurus.


Unique Designed Of The Horoscope Gift Box: Exquisite gift box packaging and unique zodiac sign icon box design, this is a wonderful gift for yourself or your friends. The name and the benefits of each crystal are on the box, so you will know get to each crystal more clearly.


Excellent Horoscope Stones Starter Kit: This constellation crystal set is the perfect gift for beginners and someone looking to expand their crystal collection. With this well-designed zodiac kit, it will help you learn more about your zodiac sign.


Useful Booklet: Kit includes a Zodiac booklet that will introduce you to the crystals and the benefits of each crystal for Pisces. It will help you to learn how to use, clean & charge your crystals.

Taurus Crystal Constellation Box