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Person under the crystals on the crystal light therapy bed

Crystal Bed Therapy

$33.00 1/2 Hour - $48.00 45mins - $66.00 1 Hour

  • 30 min
  • From 33 US dollars
  • Tivoli

Service Description

This relaxing healing session allows you to leave everyday life behind you.Patricia will walk you through opening up your chakras to receive the energy. Please wear white or light colored clothing for your session. Crystal Bed Treatment according to Joao De Deus. The Crystal bed is an important “medium” in Abadiania.It is a unique construction that creates an energetic fusion of a strong mountain crystal frequency, color information & spectral light.It is a wonderful gift of the spirit world to humanity.It was developed by João de Deus, inspired by the entities of Casa de Dom Inácio & is one of those spiritually high energy tools used to treat visitors at the Casa in Abadiania. The crystals of the Crystal bed were born according to João de Deus, deep beneath the earth in beds of water.Each of the 7 crystals is obtained from a single mother rock & artfully ground beneath a waterfall.They are pure, high vibrating light forces.These special vibrations are introduced through the crystals of the Crystal bed into our aura, our largest bio photonic energy field. Bio photons are scientifically proven quanta of light that make life possible in the first place.In health disorders, the bio photonic field is in a state of imbalance.The light power of the mountain crystals brings the physical, mental & emotional forces back into balance.The crystal bed doubles its strength by the combination of colors & mountain crystals.The decomposition of “white” light into spectral colors is the task of the ground mountain crystals, the prisms. We receive with the help of color tiles the colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo & violet exactly the colors assigned to the 7 main chakras. During the treatment these colored crystals are aligned on the chakras & thus unfold their all-encompassing healing effect. The Crystal bed sessions can be received regularly. General support sessions are recommended 2-4 times a month. With severe physical or mental ailments & or diseases up to every day. Supportive effects with Crystal bed treatments can assist with: Sleep Disorders Burnout Fears Anxiety ADD & ADHD Spiritual Crisis Mourning Trauma Depression Nightmares Cleaning the Aura Harmonizing the chakras Release energy blockages Light body process Chemotherapy After operations Serious illnesses Activation of self-healing forces Strengthening of the Immune System

Contact Details

  • 301 West Lincolnway, Cheyenne, WY, USA

    (307) 369-1404

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