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Amber, often referred to as the “Gold of the Sea” or the “Stone of Hope”, is known for its various metaphysical properties:


  • Absorption of Negative Energy: Amber is thought to absorb negative energy and release bright, soothing energy, helping to calm nerves and enliven disposition.
  • Spiritual Preservation and Eternal Youth: Amber is closely connected to preservation on a spiritual level and is often worn as a talisman to promote eternal youth.
  • Protection and Luck: Amber is worn for good luck and protection from evil.
  • Balance and Protection: The orange and gold colors of Amber are known to stabilize stronger and higher energies in the body and can influence them by offering balance and protection.
  • Healing and Regeneration: Amber is a natural purifier, esteemed for its ability to draw pain and dis-ease from the physical body, as well as the mind and spirit, by absorbing negative or stagnant energies and transforming them into clear, positive energy.
  • Chakra Activation and Cleansing: Amber is often used on the chakras with corresponding colors to facilitate opening and cleansing.
  • Manifestation: Amber is also said to be a powerful tool for manifestation.


Remember, while many people find these properties to be accurate, the impact can vary from person to person. Always trust your intuition when working with crystals.

Amber Tumbled