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Black Spinel is a captivating and powerful gemstone that offers a number of attractive benefits:


Manifestation and Inspiration: Black Spinel is about helping you manifest your destiny. It can unlock boundless possibilities, pushing you to achieve your dreams and go beyond what you think is possible for your life. It’s a crystal for manifestation as well as inspiration.

Grounding and Protection: An ultimate grounding stone, healers often utilize the properties of Black Spinel to wipe away the negativity that clouds your judgment. By cutting through the mental fog, you can evaluate your surroundings and find solutions you never realized existed.

Emotional Balance and Focus: Black Spinel promotes emotional balance, focus, and creativity. It helps to eliminate detrimental traits that impede your personal growth.

Physical Strength and Vitality: Black Spinel promotes physical strength and vitality by increasing stamina, optimizing energy levels, and recharging the body.

Healing and Recovery: On a physical level, Black Spinel can be an effective pain reliever. It can also help in the healing and recovery process of hip or joint replacement. It can maintain the balance of the body’s mineral intake and help regain balance and strength after surgery or prolonged illness.

Stability and Resilience: Black Spinel fosters stability, physical and emotional strength, and a link between higher vibrations and earthly energies. It excels in manifestation work, clearing unwanted elements and providing essential resources to overcome obstacles.


Remember, while many people find these properties to be accurate, the impact can vary from person to person. Always trust your intuition when working with crystals.

Black Spinel Tumbled