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The spirit of La Santa Muerte reveals hidden mysteries within and shows the path forward.

La Santa Muerte, Our Lady of the Holy Death, is known for answering prayers that other saints often will not.

  • Test your faith with the evocative art of this full-color, 36-card Lenormand deck and easy-to-use guidebook.
  • Lenormand is a form of divination using cards that has seen an explosion of interest over the past few years.
  • The number of devotees of the Mexican Death Goddess has also grown, and the deck includes everything that’s needed to get you on the road to reading Lenormand, with a brief history and practical use of the system.
  • Cards contain the titles in Spanish and equivalent playing-card insets for additional interpretation.
  • The guidebook provides the Spanish and English titles, the meaning of each card's symbol, and where it comes from, so you can develop a relationship with the art.
  • Two spreads and an explanation of the colors of the candles used to request favors of La Santa Muerte round out the book.

Although a death goddess, La Santa Muerte directs us to celebrate life and is associated with healing, protections, financial well-being, and assurance of a path to the afterlife. She is often invoked by those endangered by working at night and those living on the margins of society, answering prayers that other saints often will not. But take care, since the creators and publisher shall not be held responsible for unintended consequences of devotional requests.

La Santa Muerte Lenormand