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Come alive with the power of the crystal skulls! The legend says that 52 skulls of crystal hold the secrets to knowledge and personal evolution. Now that knowledge can be yours as you soak in the energy that the skull on each card gives off, and, by perceiving the messages they transmit to us, you will work with the heart and proceed according to your spiritual evolution. In the accompanying guidebook, you’ll learn about each skull’s history and the profound wisdom that is now available to you through its guardian. Very practical, it also includes a variety of exercises, meditations, and associations with our chakras, as well as card spreads, and powerful systems to benefit from the therapeutic properties of each skull. The author himself is a guardian of skulls, who lectures and travels the world in search of new skulls to help unearth the lost knowledge of ancient civilizations. Center yourself and be open to new synchronicities as your life is transformed through the energy of the crystal skulls.

Oracle Of The Crystal Skulls